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 Welcome to Bible Answers 


On this web site you will find "Bible Answers" to your questions about the Bible.  Answers to your questions about God and about Jesus and his teachings. On page 5 we will provide "Bible Answers" to your questions about the anti-christ, the Great Tribulation, and about the eternity that lies ahead of us.  

       Remember you can spend your eternity with God or without him.   

                                  The choice is yours!


The Bible is your road map to Heaven.


Given to you by God. 


Don't leave this world without it!!!



What we believe:    


We believe God is the all knowing, all powerful creator of man and this universe. 

God gave us life and loves us more than we can know.  

We believe God gave us the Bible so we could know things about him, this world we live in, mankind, and, yes, even ourselves. We believe the Bible answers questions we have about God, man and eternity.  Answers we could not otherwise know unless God tells us.

We look to the Bible for answers to life's most important questions. "Taste and see that God is good." Psalm 34:8 


The Bible is God's word to us. It's God's personal word to you!  The Bible is all about God and his plan for you, your family and your life. The Bible gives you God's answers to the questions you have, and the circumstances you encounter in your everyday life. God is the only one who knows all your problems.  God knows where you are and He knows what's really going on in your life. 

Because he created you, God loves you! God wants the very best for you, and he gave you his Bible to guide you on your way through this life. The Bible is God's word to us. Harold Hill calls it our "Manufacturer's Handbook". Following the Bible we can find our way to a blessed and meaningful life.

If you have questions about your life, God has the answers---and he shares them with us through his written word, the Bible.

God knows what life is all about, and he has given us his Bible to share things about life we could not otherwise know.


On the pages that follow you will find the Answers God has given us in his word.

Bible Answers

Answers you can believe!

Answers you can trust!

Answers that can lead you to a blessed and fulfilled life!

On page 2 of our site you will find:

 Bible Answers about the Bible itself! 

How do we know the Bible we have today is really the Word of God?

Why did God give us this Bible?

Why should I read the Bible? What things will I learn?

What will the Bible tell me about God? about Life? about  Death?  and about the Eternity before me? 

On page 3 you will find:

Bible Answers to your questions about God

Does God really exist?

How can I know that God exists?

What does God require of me?

What kind of god is this God of the bible? 

What does the Bible tell me about the character of God?

How can I live for God?

Does God have a plan for my life?

Suppose there is no God?

On page 4 you will find: 

Bible Answers to questions about Jesus, his person & his teachings

Who is this man Jesus, and is He really God?

Why did Jesus have to die?

How can Jesus save me?

Where is Jesus today?  

Why did Jesus teach in Parables?

What are Jesus' parables really all about?

Do Jesus' parables have any meaning for me today?

What is the "Normal" Christian Life?

On page 5 you will find:

Bible answers to questions about the last days on planet earth.  The Rapture of the church, the anti-Christ, the coming Tribulation, and the Eternity to follow

              What does the Bible tell us about the last days on planet earth?

Who is the Anti-Christ, and why will people worship him?

When will the Great Tribulation begin and what will it be like?

Will the church go through the Great Tribulation? 

When will Jesus return? 

What are God's judgments that still lie ahead of us?

When will eternity begin, and what will it be like?

Where will I spend eternity?


You will find "Bible Answers" to these and many more Questions on the following pages. Take a look around and let us know what you think.



If you have questions about the Bible, comments about this web site, or any other concerns we can help you with, please send them to us.

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that's singular "verse"  

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Grace Bible Fellowship

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At Grace Bible Fellowship we look to the Bible for God's Answers.  The answers you will find on this web site are not our answers!  They are not the world's "philosophical" answers. They are God's Answers!!!   They are the answers to life's questions given to us, by God, in his book, the Bible!  They are "Bible Answers" - from the God who made us.

God Bless and thanks for visiting 


Now a question for you!!!

 Are you  so busy that you don't have time for God and his word? 

Perhaps you are really busy trying to live your life, raise your family, deal with your job and just get along.  You don't have time for "religion", Jesus, or the Bible.

   Well, consider this: 

Nobody lives forever!!!  How about after you die???  Then what????  

After you die you will have plenty of time to consider God, but then it will be too late.  It's the decisions about God you make today that will determine where and how you will spend all your eternal tomorrows. Jesus encourages us in Matthew 6:13&14 to choose the narrow gate that leads to eternal life and not the wide gate with it's broad path that leads to destruction and eternal death. 

The Bible tells us

"It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" Hebrews 9:27 


The Bible is the only book God ever wrote. It's God's road map to heaven. It tells us how to get from here to eternity with God.  

*   *  Don't leave earth without it!  *   *      

We update our site regularly, adding new things, fine tuning old things, and responding to questions we have received by "snail mail". Visit us often, browse around and let us know what you think.

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What are we all About?

This web site is about God, the Bible, Jesus, His parables and teachings, Life, Death, the coming Last Days of our civilization on planet Earth, the Great Tribulation, the Millennium, and Eternity. Here you will find  the Bible Answers to some of life's most important questions.

What we Believe!

We believe there is a God, that this God created us and all the world around us. We believe this God has chosen to communicate with us, to give us the Bible so we may learn things about him we could not otherwise know. 

However, before any of us can receive any benefit from the Answers God has given us in the Bible, we must first believe that God exists and that the Bible is His book.

"He that cometh to God must first believe that he exists, and that he is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him" (Hebrews 11:6)  

At "Bible Answers" we believe God exists, and we believe the Bible is the only book God ever wrote.  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." (2 Timothy 3:16). We believe that if we are ever going to know and understand  God we need to know what the Bible says so we don't get lost on the highway to heaven.

What Do You Believe?

If you don't believe in God, what do you believe in??

What choices do you have???  

If you don't believe that God exists you are left with only a few other choices.

You might believe that all this world around us was created by some eternal  process of evolution. Or, you might believe all this that we see around us came about accidentally from some massive cosmic explosion, the "Big Bang", and that life just developed from non-life.

There are some problems with these "Theories" 

If you believe in the theory of evolution,  you still have to explain where the original, single cell form of life came from that started it all.  Who created this original single cell of life?  If the theory of ageless  evolution is your belief, then where is the evidence that this evolution of species is still continuing today? 

If you believe in the "Big Bang Theory" there seems to be a problem that in all of recorded history man has never seen life created out of non-life. 

How did this first single cell of life originate? If it did not originate from non-life then who made it?  Could it be that God made it?? Maybe he even made it just as the Bible has said,

"And God said Let the earth bring forth the living creature after it's kind...and God made the beast of the earth after it's kind..." (Genesis 1:24 & 25)  "God said, Let us make man in our image...So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" (Genesis 1:26 & 27). 

Then God said, "Let us create man, male and female, and in his image God created them!!!"  (Gen 1:27).  

If  God did not create life, if life just evolved from some chemical or atomic reaction and "Sha-Zam"  life just sprung from non-life: Then why have we, as smart as we are, not been able to do it again?

Do you believe this orderly and precise world resulted accidentally from some uncontrolled cataclysmic event?  It's hard to believe that any thoughtful observation of the world around us can support such a suggestion. It would be easier to believe that all the great classics of poetry and literature were created from some unsupervised, uncontrolled, "Big Bang" explosion in a print shop, than to believe that all we are and that all we see is all just an accident of nature. 

It seeems  unreasonable to believe in a world without God, but if you do, then this web site is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you have questions about the God who created this world, welcome to:

Bible  Answers

Why have we put up this web site? We believe there is an almighty God, that he created mankind and this world we live in, and that he desires those of us who believe in him and his word to share his story with the world. This web site is our little effort to provide Bible  Answers to your everyday questions!

Have you ever asked:   "Does God really exist?" and if so, "What is God like?"

Have you ever asked:   "What am I doing here?"  "Why did God put me here?"

These are tough questions and they deserve more than quick short answers. The Bible gives us in depth answers to these questions and much, much more. 

On this website we will share with you things that we have learned from the Bible.   Answers that we hope will address some of your questions.    On the following pages you will find answers to: 

Questions about the Bible 

Questions about God

Questions about Jesus: The man, His parables and His teachings

Questions about the Last Days on Planet Earth,  Eternity, and the Book of Revelation

We update our site regularly, so please visit us often. If you, or someone you know, has questions about the Bible, about God, about the man Jesus, his teachings or his parables, about the Future, or the Book of Revelation we will try to answer them right here on this web site.

You can find.


right here on our web site!

If you feel lost and are looking for a  way home, you will find it here!

Take a look around and see what you think. 

If this web site is a blessing, tell a friend.  If it's not tell us.

Gifts from our visitors are tax deductible and are our only form of support.


We believe in God.  We believe God created us to live and enjoy this life.  We believe God is eternal, and that after our life here on earth is finished, God wants us to come home and enjoy eternity with him.  We believe God is HOLY and because he is holy, neither sin nor sinful man can be allowed to be with him. We believe both our sin and our sin nature have separated us from God.  This sin will keep us out of heaven.  But, Praise God, we believe this eternal, all powerful God has reached out to us to tell us things about himself we could not otherwise know. God has shared with us his plan to rescue us out of our sinfull nature with it's punishment of eternal death, and receive us into His presence and into His eternal life.  Our Bible tells us things about God that we could not otherwise know, and shows us the way to this eternal life.  We believe God has given us his word, written down and preserved for us today in the Bible. We believe the Bible we hold in our hands today is this "Word of God",  and by reading and understanding it we may come to know God and find our way home.


This web site is a ministry of Grace Bible Fellowship. We are committed to publishing the truth of the WORD of GOD as found in the BIBLE. We are not affiliated with any other ministry , church or denomination. We fellowship with all those who love God, all those who believe His word and trust Jesus Christ for their eternal life.


This web site is published by Grace Bible Fellowship and is made possible though the support of visitors like you.  Tax deductible donations can be sent to:

Grace Bible Fellowship   

P.O. Box 15302 

Chesapeake, VA 23328 

We are a Christian faith ministry recognized by the IRS.

All donations go 100% to keeping this web site in the air and are fully tax deductible.  


We believe that the Bible is the Word of God given to us. We believe  that each of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). All we  like sheep have gone astray and wandered far from God (Isaiah 53:6). We believe God so loves us that He sent His only begotten Son to this earth to suffer and die so that whosoever believes in his heart that Jesus Christ suffered and died for their sins shall receive forgiveness of their sins and  will be brought back into God's family (John 3:16). 

Because we have trusted Jesus Christ for our salvation we know  that  when this life is done, we will join God in heaven for eternity.  You can read all about it in John 14: 2-6.  


We are born, and we shall die, but death will not be the end of us.  Each of us will spend eternity somewhere.  Some will spend eternity in heaven, with the God who created us, enjoying all the benefits heaven has to offer - forever!  However, Jesus has told us in Matthew 7:13-14 that narrow is the gate to eternal life, and there are few that find it, but wide is the gate to destruction and there are many that go there-in. Many otherwise "good people" will spend eternity in hell, with Satan and his demons, enduring  pain and suffering - forever!  They have chosen the wide and easy gate.  Where we spend the "forever"  part of our life depends on what decisions we make in the "here and now" part of our life.

God does not send anyone to hell.  Hell, in fact, was not created for man but for those angels who in the long ago past, rebelled against God (2Pet 2:4).  But, due to the rejection of God's word by Adam and Eve in time past, and our own present  rejection of God's offer of redemption, we are, each of us, guilty of rejecting God and we are ourselves on the road to hell - unless someone saves us.  The good news is that someone has offered to save us!  God tells us in His word  about the saving provision He has made for each of us, and how we can each  receive our own assurance of eternal life and find the place God has made  for us in our heavenly home.  God's word, the Bible, shows us the way back to Him, and it is for that reason we want to share God's  word with our visitors. 

Make no mistake about it - Jesus Christ died for you!!!! 

You can choose where you  will spend eternity.  As  for me and my house, we have chosen to spend our eternity in heaven with God (Joshua 24:15). 

What many folks do not realize is that NOT making a choice is itself making a choice.  Your choice not to choose God is, in fact, your choice to reject Him, and His plan for you to spend your eternal life with Him.  Understand that as revealed by Isaiah the prophet, "We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God", and we are each already condemned to the penalty required of that sin which is eternal death. We are each headed to hell unless someone saves us. Not believing God, not accepting his plan for our salvation and eternal life is a choice that will send one  into eternal suffering. The Bible makes it very clear, rejection of God's plan of salvation will cause us to miss out on the blessings of heaven and consign a person to an eternity of suffering in hell. Once there, it will be too late to choose again!  Don't make that mistake.  Find your map and God's  road to redemption in the Bible.

If you have comments about this ministry or questions about the Bible, please write to us at:

If you like what you see, tell a friend.     If you don't, tell us.

And, May God Bless You 


We wish to acknowledge and thank others who have, by their work, published materials that have contributed to this web site.  Publications by these contributors are available from most Christian book stores.

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